If you're looking for a relaxing setting for a meal or something on the run, Simcoe restaurants offer just that. Some of the restaurants offer a cozy dinning room setting or you can eat outside on their patios, weather permitting. The menu's have something for everyone including a complete selection of steaks, chicken and pasta as well as a children's menu.  If you would like to call ahead to book a reservation, we have conveniently provided you with addresses and phone numbers.


Kaley's Resturant
33 Robinson Street Simcoe ON N3Y 1W3
Phone:(226) -440-3444

Barrel Pizza & Spaghetti House  
131 Queensway West Simcoe ON N3Y 2M8
Phone: (519) 426-0068

Blue Elephant  
96 Norfolk St S. Simcoe ON N3Y 2W3
Phone: (519) 428-2886

Hi-Way Restaurant  
63 Queensway Dr W Simcoe ON N3Y 2M7
Phone: (519) 426-0380

Jim's Of Simcoe Restaurant  
71 Queensway East Simcoe ON N3Y 4M5
Phone: 519-426-1936

Joey's Only Seafood  
109 Queensway Dr E Simcoe ON N3Y 4M5
Phone: (519) 426-8799

14 Norfolk Street South Simcoe ON N3Y 2V9
Phone: (519) 426-9990

Simcoe Arms  

140 Queensway East Simcoe ON N3Y 4Y7
Phone: (519) 428-5635

8 Queensway East Simcoe ON N3Y 4M3
Phone: (519) 426-1983