Local Churches

As a convenience to our community we have included a listing of many of the local churches in our area. A growing number of churches are starting to publish their own web sites to allow visitors to learn more about their clergy, congregation and many other features and services of the church.


Bethel Baptist Church  
R.R. # 5 Hwy #3 Simcoe ON N3Y 4K4
Phone: (519) 426-8421

Calvary Pentecostal Church  
Ireland Road Simcoe ON N3Y 4K2
Phone: (519) 426-5842
Website: http://www.calvarysimcoe.com

Emmanuel Bible Church  
24 Churchill Circle Simcoe ON N3Y 4Z4
Phone: (519) 426-1031
Website: http://www.emmanuelbiblechurch.ca

Evergreen Heights Christian Fellowship Church  
Evergreen Hill Road Simcoe ON N3y 1B7
Phone: (519) 428-0960
Website: http://www.evergreenheights.org

First Baptist Church  
129 Young Street Simcoe ON
Phone: (519) 426-3145

Full Gospel Fellowship Church  
251 Head Street North Simcoe ON N3Y 3X8
Phone: (519) 426-0511

Grace Baptist Church  
735 Norfolk Street North Simcoe ON
Phone: (519) 426-6441

Immanuel Christian Reformed Church  
95 Oak Street Simcoe ON N3Y 3K1
Phone: (519) 428-3671

Salvation Army Community Church  
184 Colborne Street North Simcoe ON N3Y 3V3
Phone: (519) 426-5420

Simcoe Free Methodist Church  
264 Cedar Street Simcoe ON N3Y 2H9
Phone: (519) 426-2419

Simcoe Gospel Chapel  
Hwy #3 East, Box 25 Simcoe ON N3Y 4K8
Phone: (519) 426-7131

Simcoe Seventh Day Adventist Church  
56 South Drive Simcoe ON N3y 1G2
Phone: (519) 428-1044

St. James United Church  
203 John Street Simcoe ON N3Y 2Y6
Phone: (519) 428-2611

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church  
211 Union Street Simcoe ON N3Y 2B3
Phone: (519) 426-0887

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church  
95 Lot Street Simcoe ON N3Y 1S4
Phone: (519) 426-1845
Website: http://www.stpaulssimcoe.com

St. Peter's Lutheran Church  
155 Colborne Street North Simcoe ON N3Y 3V4
Phone: (519) 426-9226

Trinity Anglican Church  
80 Colborne Street South Simcoe ON N3Y 4H5
Phone: (519) 426-0501

Woodhouse United Church  
R.R. # 3 Simcoe ON N3Y 4K2
Phone: (519) 583-0342


Bloomsburg Baptist Church  
R.R. # 3 Waterford ON N0E 1Y0
Phone: (519) 428-0363

St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church  
Thompson Road Waterford ON
Phone: (519) 443-8903

Trinity Anglican Church  
73 Main Street South Waterford ON
Phone: (519) 443-7528

Waterford United Church  
Main Street Waterford ON N0E 1Y0
Phone: (519) 443-5261

 Port Dover

Grace United Church  
Chapman Street West Port Dover ON N0A 1N0
Phone: (519) 583-0342

Knox Presbyterian Church  
Chapman Street West Port Dover ON N0A 1N0
Phone: (519) 583-2344

St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic church  
17 Lynn Park Drive Port Dover ON
Phone: (519) 583-0224

St. Paul's Anglican Church  
302 St. George Street Port Dover ON
Phone: (519) 583-1330

 Windham Centre

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church  
Windham Centre ON
Phone: (519) 842-7176
Alternate Phone: (519) 842-8665


St. Andrew's United Church  
Vittoria ON N0E 1Y0
Phone: (519) 428-0151

Vittoria Baptist Church  
Vittoria ON N0E 1W0
Phone: (519) 426-2426


St. John Brebeuf and Companions Roman Catholic Church  
Delhi ON
Phone: (519) 582-1312


Walsh Baptist Church  
R.R. # 2 Walsh N3Y 4K1
Phone: (519) 426-6922